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Cardinal Creates Website For Cardinal Crystal Awards

AZUSA, CA – (For Immediate Release) --  As a leading maker of dog grooming products, Cardinal Laboratories has always followed a philosophy of “giving back” to its professional community. This website,, was designed to provide information on how the Cardinal Crystal award candidates are nominated and selected by their peers, how ballots are collected and tabulated by outside companies, how and when the awards are announced and presented, rules for voting, the schedule for each award, the Academy of past winners, year-round news about the awards, biographical information about winners and nominees, connections to past winners on MySpace and Facebook, articles on issues of interest to the grooming community and online ballots during voting periods.  In addition to promoting the awards themselves, the site publicizes the standards for grooming excellence and actively promotes the values of professional spirit and attitude by recognizing outstanding achievement, humane treatment of animals and continuing education within the grooming industry.

“From the very beginning, these awards have been about much more than individual recognition,” said Tony De Vos, president of Cardinal Laboratories. “The awards are really about fostering a sense of pride, professionalism and cooperation in our industry. These values are important year-round, not just during the award presentations. That’s why we want to promote these two programs through a dedicated website.”

The company introduced its now-well-known, Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards in 1988.  The achievement awards recognize outstanding achievements in the grooming community.

In 2010 the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards took a major step forward to remain vital and relevant in the 21st Century when Cardinal Pet Care President and CEO, Tony de Vos, announced that his company licensed the Brand Development Group of MacFadden Communications, publisher of Pet Business & Grooming Business, to market and promote the prestigious Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards.

Under terms of the agreement, MacFadden is responsible for marketing of the “Crystal Awards” while Cardinal continues to be the official sponsor for the awards.  The awards are held every September and are hosted at Super Zoo, the national show for pet retailers and one of the industries leading events hosted in Los Vegas.  SuperZoo is a leading destination for groomers internationally as a result of the Groomer SuperShow which features the latest trends, techniques and innovations as well as national grooming contests.

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